12PRSAT Firmware Updates

As of Jan 1, 2017, all 12PRSAT Dual Axis Rotor Systems shipped new or returned for Factory Updating will be shipped with firmware that supports a Boot-loader that supports field upgrading with update firmware.  Firmware version 1.2D and beyond support the new Boot-Loader function.  The file is stored in a compressed .zip file format.  To use, download the file and decompress the file.  Below are the current Firmware releases for download:

FiRMWARE 1.2Series

First Release of Firmware used by the Hand Controller that supports the Boot-Loader function.  Operationally the same as Revision 1_2C.

AzElControl-1_2D.hex – This is the base code for the 1.2 series that supports the boot-loader function


AzElControl-1_2E.hex  –  Minor change to the Return Data sent by the Hand Controller to the host computer to support operation with Ham Radio Deluxe.


AzElMotor-1_2D.hex  –  First Release of Firmware used by the Motor Controller that supports the Boot-Loader function.  Operationally the same as Revision 1_2C.


FIRMWARE 1.3 Series

Release of Firmware with a new feature for the Calibration of the Sensor Pitch.  There are no restrictions on previous levels of firmware other than the Boot-Loader code must be loaded.   Firmware revisions must match the Motor firmware revision.  See Blog 15 for details on the change and the User Manual Revision 1.5 for changes in user operations.

AzElControl-1_3B.hex – This is the Hand Controller firmware with small changes to the menu system to make room for the additional menu choice for the Sensor Pitch  adjustment.


AzElMotor-1_3B.hex – Motor controller matching firmware.  Must be loaded to the Motor unit if AzElControl-1_3B is loaded to the Hand Controller



FIRMWARE 1.4 Series

Firmware 1.4 Series is maintenance release where inter-processor communication timing was improved to make the system more reliable when non polling applications are used.  The features were added back in the early 1.0 code base but not tuned as the more popular applications like SatPC32 and HRD are poling applications.  Some tracking applications operate blind never asking for rotor position data and only assume the rotor system is on track.  With this  improved support a version of firmware supporting Hamlib and rotctl is now available alnog with an experimental version of firmware supporting the SatNOGS-Client implementation.

See Blog 18 for additional details on this release of firmware

Remmeber, files are distributes in .zip format and must be nu-zipped before use.

AzElControl-1_4B.hex – Hand Controller firmware for standard operation with applications like SatPC32 and PSTRotator


AzElControl-1_4C.hex – Hand Controller firmware with the minor change in the communications to support Ham Radio Deluxe


AzElControl-1_4F.hex – Hand Controller firmware that has changes to support Hamlib rotctl/rotctld


AzElControl-1_4H.hex – Hand Controller firmware with additional changes to support the SatNOGS client application.  This is experimental firmware that addresses a number of behaviors in the SatNOGS client and allows the rotor system to operaate under SatNOGS client control.

Command line: 
  rotctl -m 603 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -C timeout=500 -C min_az=0 -C max_az=359 -C min_el=0 -C max_el=180 -C post_write_delay=950


AzElMotor-1_4B.hex – Motor Controller firmware that is compatible with all 1.4 series Controller firmware revisions.



Firmware Update Manual for the 12PRSAT Dual Axis Rotor System