BLOG 8 – Parts are Due in any Day now!

BLOG 8 – Parts are Due in any Day now

The long awaited parts are due in early this week for the Az/El and All Weather single axis rotor units.  It’s been a long wait but it will be worth it for the much higher quality part.  By the end of the week we should have most if not all back ordered unit out the door.  I know… It’s about time…

I have had requests from Hams to see what is inside the Az/El Rotor System.  The first picture is the Azimuth Rotor Unit. Here you can see the heavy steal mechanical frame DC Gear-head motor, brass worm gear and optical timing wheel. On the top and bottom of the frame are the press fit roller bearings.  Behind the mechanical structure is the controller electronics.  The second picture is the inside of the Hand Controller showing the component side of the PCBA.


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