Blog 4 – A Few AzEl Rotor System Specs

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Blog 4 – A Few AzEl Rotor System Specs

While our customers wait for the product release of the Az/El Rotor System I thought I would provide a few specifications regarding the systems features.

Key Features

  • Nominal Az/El rotation speed of 1RPM, or 5 degrees/Second
  • 3 button user interface with back light 2×8 character LCD and 2 Notification LEDs on the Hand Held Controller.
  • Full +/- 540 degree Azimuth rotation with 1 Degree minimum movement / resolution
  • 180 degree Elevation movement – Limited from 0 to 180 degree. 1 Degree minimum movement / resolution
  • PWM motor control with two user controlled turning speeds
  • 3 Modes of operation:
    • Manual antenna movement
    • Automatic antenna movement
    • Remote computer controlled movement
  • User programmable Vanity Display message
  • ‘Any-Direction Calibration’ offering easy antenna system deployment
  • Antenna Rotation Jam detection with auto stop
  • 4 Conductor Shielded Rotor Cable (50 foot length provided)
  • USB Computer interface supporting the GS232A Az/El Rotator Control Protocol.
  • 120mA idle current, less than 400mA normal turning current at 12 Volts, both axis
  • 12VDC 250ma Accessory power out on Rotor Unit
  • Optional GPS Receiver for field portable location reporting

We have other cool features in the rotor system, not listed above too…


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