BLOG 21 – New Firmware and New Cables

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BLOG 21 – New Firmware and New Cables

New Firmware version 1.5x is now ready and online.  This firmware adds additional intelligence to the Sensor Calibration function.  A few users have accidently broke the arm off of the Sensor by not setting the physical position of the arm level and then resetting the elevation value to 0 degrees.  Prior to this upgrade the firmware did not read the pitch (elevation) of the sensor prior to starting the Sensor Calibration operation but used the user provided information for the position of the sensor.  As an example; If the physical elevation of the sensor element was set to 0 degrees, but the controller was configured such that the elevation was 90 degrees, the controller would try to move the sensor down 90 degrees prior to starting the calibration process; probably breaking off the sensor arm.  The added functionality now uses the sensors accelerometers to derive the initial pitch value.  If the value is within +/- 30 degrees of a measured 0 degrees pitch, it will correct the value and move the sensor to 0 degrees elevation and then start the Sensor Calibration operation.  If the pitch value is outside that range, the controller will fail the operation and not perform any movements.  The operator must correct the issue.

We are moving to a new cable type used for the interconnection from the Hand Controller to Rotor unit on all products.  Since we started building the first product up till now, our cost on copper based cable has been increasing in price.  Prior cables were made from 18/4 shielded and un-shielded (used with the Single Axis products) using a white cased cable used for speaker wires and alarm systems.  We have found a good source of Belden 4/18 Shielded cable that is priced similar or even better than that the earlier cable.  The interconnecting cable is a high cost item and this allows us to keep the same pricing for the cables.


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