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BLOG 6 – At Dayton 2016

Here we are at Dayton 2016, the booth is set up and we are ready for the many-many HAMs, I think.  It is always fun to see all the new equipment and new ‘toys’ that I would like to add to my home and Portable Stations, and talk to the many hams and what part of the hobby they are interested in.

We had planned to have the new Az/El Portable Rotor System ready for customers to take home this weekend but we ran into a problem getting a critical part made in time.  It all started about 3 months back when the bearing distributor had an issue getting us the needed quantity of bearings.  With fear of not being able to get the needle bearings that we had designed the system around we put a hold on the frame fabrication in case we needed to redesign the steel frame to use a different bearing. This caused a snowball effect in the supply chain that slipped other schedules.  Turned out the bearing scare was a miscommunication from the bearing distributor, ARGH!    This also effected the introduction of the much stronger and All Weather Portable Rotor Unit which uses the same bearing and frame design.

So we are taking Pre-Orders for the Az/El System at Dayton 2016, we expect orders to start shipping in 3 to 4 weeks.

Dayton 2016 Introduction Price: $659.00 + Shipping
Pricing is as follows:   Pre-Order Deposit of $300.
If Dayton 2016 Pre-Ordered paid in full ($659.00) then free UPS Ground shipping to continental US.

Pre-Ordering will be shipped in the order

June 1st special pricing ends with Full System Pricing of: $695.00

[Deposits are refundable if you change your mind minus the PayPal processing fees.]

We will be posting the User Manual in the next 24 hours and pictures of the booth.

If you have questions call or email us at


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