BLOG 7 – Back from the Shows

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BLOG 7 – Back from the Shows

Ham Shows are over for a while, and it’s back to work.  It was a big push for Dayton this year and as soon as we got back we started getting ready for the SeaPac Ham Convention.  We got back Monday this week.

So an update on the pending Az/El Rotor systems:  As we told everyone that ordered the Az/El and the All Weather Az System, we had a problem with a sub-vendor in getting a part.  Unfortunately we cannot make it in our shop in volume as it is a complex shape and needs to be made using computer controlled machines.  The units are basically assembled but waiting on the missing aluminum part.  I spoke with the Manufacturer on Monday and they told me 15 Days to be ready to ship.  So that puts us a little over 2 weeks then air-freight to Roseville.

If the wait is just too long for you, we will refund your full purchase amount and you can re-order at a later date, your choice.  Just note the Introduction Show prices do not carry forward and you will need to pay shipping for a new order.

The good news is, that since we are waiting on the part, we have been further testing and found a few corner case bugs in the code that we are fixing.


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