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Welcome to the new web site, launched to coincide with Dayton 2016.  The new web site should make it easier for our customers to order products and learn of product capabilities and use. Alo…

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Blog 3

A few more details of the design might be of interest.  The design is based around 2 micro-controllers; one that provides the user interface and acts as the master unit, and the other manage…

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Blog 2

A number of conversations I remember from Dayton last year resolved around the resolution of the then proposed Az/El Rotor project.  A number of comments from well-meaning hams was that a re…

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Blog 1

The development of the Azimuth/Elevation (Az/El) Satellite tracking rotor system has been ongoing since we showed off the proof of concept device at Dayton last year.  It was mostly a ‘smoke…

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