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AZ/EL Portable Rotor System


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The Portable Rotation Dual Axis Azimuth/Elevation 12 Volt Portable Satellite Tracking System was specifically designed for portable satellite operations.

The Az/El Portable Rotor System offers the same user experience as the single axis Portable Rotation Rotor Systems. The Az/El Portable Satellite Tracking System is a fully integrated product offering the user manual, automatic and computer control of antenna position. The system is all digital with no analog position data used for antenna position reporting. A key feature is the use of a single 4 conductor interconnect between the Hand Held Controller and Rotor Head unit. The Magnetometer/Accelerometer is now included with the base system.  The system is designed to handle up to 8 lbs of antenna load and is accurate to 1 degree of movement, all from a 12 Volt power source.  See the User Manual in the Resource Section for full details.

The Rotor system supports Satellite Tracking Applications through it’s USB interface.  Supported applications include:   SatPC32, PSTRotator, and HRD for Windows based system, McDoppler on the MAC and Gpredict (using rotctl and rigctl) in Linux.  The communications protocol used is based on the Yaesu GS-232A Rotor Control protocol.

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