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G-5500 Upgrade Kit – Amateur Radio Model



PR5500 Az/El Upgrade Kit

The PR5500 Az/El Upgrade kit will convert the older designed Yaesu G-5500 2 Axis Rotor system into a fully integrated Digital System.  This upgrade replaces the Analog Control System and 24VAC induction motors with USB direct connection and custom Brushless DC (BLDC) motors.  The system provides for higher turning accuracy and position reporting while operating from a 12 volt power source.  All that is kept from the original analog system is the Azimuth and Elevation

Key New Features:

  • Replacement of the 24VAC Induction Motors with 12 Volt Brushless DC Motors. This is part of the overall digital control system providing less than 1 degree resolution, with no motor overheating and damage of motors during extended motor on time.
  • Elevation position tracked to 0.02 degrees and Azimuth to 0.06 degrees
  • Removal of analog position sensing potentiometer and inaccurate meter movements, no external A/D device required for computer control. Position sensing is done by tracking Motor Tachometer Clocks.
  • This design allows for stepped variable speeds between 2 and 10 degrees per second (unloaded: no antennas attached).
  • Re-purposing of the limit switches in the rotor units for position calibration and soft limit position detection.
  • Built in Computer interface supporting direct USB  connectivity.
  • Single 4 conductor (control and power) cable from Interface Controller to Motor Controller. Minimum size of 18 gauge for up to a 100 ft (30.5 meters) total distance replacing the dual 6 conductor cables.

The upgrade process requires some mechanical skills as the Rotor bodies must be disassembled to remove the AC Induction motor and capacitor and position sensing Potentiometer and then to install the new motor and driver module.


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