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Ultra-Portable Rotor System


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The Portable Rotation 12 Volt Ultra-Portable Rotor system, Model 12PR1A, has been designed for the Amateur Radio Portable Enthusiast.

This system is built with a simple to use interface allowing easy operation while still offering advanced features like ‘Auto Rotation’ and ‘Any-Direction Calibration’.  The heart of the system is a microprocessor that takes user input from 3 buttons and then controls the antenna motion, displaying antenna heading and other information on a LCD screen.  User provided information is saved in internal memory along with antenna heading data; the controller can be turned off when not being used to conserve power while no user or heading data is lost.  The System supports a standard USB Computer interface for remote computer control.  The system is designed to turn antennas as large as the Super Antenna YP-3; 3 element Beam, and as small as you want.  Options include a Carry Bag, Extension Rotor Cable, and Antenna Mast Adapter kit for Buddipole antennas.

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