Blog 14 – Field Upgradable Firmware Now Supported

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Blog 14 – Field Upgradable Firmware Now Supported

Blog 14 – Field Upgradable Firmware Now Supported

We have been busy the past few months building up inventory and doing some design work for future products and working to improve the 12 Volt Portable Dual Axis Rotor System.  We have isolated and fixed a few minor corner case bugs that have been fixed in Firmware 1.2C.  Then over the holidays we implemented a boot-loader feature for both the Hand and Motor Controller.   What the boot-loader system will do is allow for field upgrades to both controllers firmware over the serial USB interface.

Early adopters who have not upgraded to a minimum of firmware 1.2B, please see the previous blog entry about returning your system for both hardware and software free upgrades.  All systems shipping after Jan 1, 2017 will support field upgradable firmware.  The release that supports the boot-loader starts at 1.2D.

As a Recap, Firmware Revision;

1.1X – Early Beta level code with bugs

1.2A – First full feature release

1.2B – Major code Release, fixed many operational bugs and is the minimum recommended level.  Also includes hardware improvements.

1.2C – Fixed 2 corner case movement bugs that we had not found in our testing but was reported by our external tester.

1.2D – FW 1.2C recompiled to support the boot-loader memory map, no bug fixes.  Boot-loader loaded at top of memory.


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