BLOG 17: Hamvention 2017 is about 30 days away

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BLOG 17: Hamvention 2017 is about 30 days away

The Dayton Hamvention 2017 is only 30 days away.  This will be a new experience for vendors and visitors alike.  A new venue; with all new locations and layouts.  This year we will be showing our 3 Rotor Products along with new accessories.  The 12PRSAT has gone through a whole year of software and hardware improvements and has become a reliable field tool for satellite tracking.  The addition of the boot-loader function makes firmware upgrading in the field possible and we now offer a number of antenna mounting kits.  We will only be bringing a few of each unit to the show this year as shipping costs have become so high and most customers would rather have their product drop shipped so they don’t have to ship it home after the show.  We will take orders and ship the following week to anywhere in the lower 48 states for free as a show special, but the unit must be either ordered at the show or ordered online during the 3 show days for the special free shipping offer.  If ordered on-line, we will refund the shipping costs charged by the system.  This will be easier than changing the shipping costs on all line items in the website.

This year we are in Building 3, location 3104, along with many of the other antenna and tower vendors.

And remember, if you have one of the original Dayton 2016 12PRSAT Dual Axis rotor systems, please return it for a free upgrade.  You only need to pay the shipping to get it to our location, we cover the return costs, and turnaround time is about 48 hours.   –See you at Dayton 2017


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